White Label SEO Platform – Promoting Your Blog the Simple Way

White Label SEO Platform – Promoting Your Blog the Simple Way

White Label SEO Platform: A Review of the Best 5

If you’re an SEO agency, a white label SEO platform can radically improve efficiency, profitability, and the results of your services. The white label SEO platform lets you use the platform to deliver SEO services to your clients. That means you don’t have to invest tons of cash to build and maintain your platform. And the best part is; only your branding will be visible to your clients. It’s far better than private label SEO software which doesn’t feature your branding.

Here’s a list of notable white label SEO platforms.

1- SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers comprehensive cloud-based SEO software. What makes it interesting is you get free white labeling with all pricing plans. That means the site is designed primarily to benefit SEO agencies. When you use SE Ranking to present SEO data to your clients, the client won’t see any signs of affiliation or relationship with SE Ranking. Only your brand will be visible, featuring custom logos, footers, headers. Even the interface for newly generated reports is customized. It will have your domain, color scheme, and email. That’s a great benefit. It helps you retain maximum credit for the valuable service you offer to your clients.

Best of all, you can use your domain or subdomain. Your clients will have access to multiple SEO features yhrough your site, including:

  • backlink monitoring
  • website audits
  • ranking

And there won’t be any link to SE Ranking. You’ll be able to manage the users on your site, as well as customizing and generating personalized SEO reports sent through your SMTP server. And hosting isn’t an issue you’ll worry about. The white label SEO platform is all in the cloud.

2- BrightLocal

One key attraction of BrightLocal is its focus on local SEO. That makes it an excellent option for SEO agencies offering SEO services to local businesses, mainly brick and mortar businesses, which require local customers. The company is based in Lewes, UK. Its location gives it the added advantage of offering highly customized local SEO services.

Some of the SEO services you can get from BrightLocal include:

  • Google My Business audits
  • Search Ranking Tracking
  • Online Review Management

Best of all, you as an SEO agency can offer those services from BrightLocal to your clients, with white-label reporting. That means, only your brand will feature in the reports, and your clients won’t see any association with BrightLocal. You can have your custom logo, colors, and email alerts.

It works well for multiple sites. If you’re managing different websites, you can have customization for each.

Another exciting aspect is not everything involves automated processes. The citations/ listings are done manually. This also involves data aggregators. You can choose from as many as 1,600 sites, including local, national, and niche business listings.

Although the manual citation/ listing involves extra charges, it certainly adds to the accuracy of your SEO services.

3- SERPed

SERPed takes its place among the most valuable white label SEO platforms due to its versatility. When you think of SERPed, the term all-under-one-roof comes to mind.

The platform offers an extensive range of SEO tools all in one place. This saves you the headache of tracking multiple tools from different platforms.

And it also saves you money.

Essentially, it combines data from the most reliable sources, including Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, SEMRush, WhiteSpark, RegisterCompass,

BacklinksIndexer, Pingdom, BackupBuddy, and more. The combined cost of subscribing to all those platforms individually would be far more than the cost of registering for SERPed. But it isn’t just an aggregator.

SER Ped also has its custom SEO tools.

The combination of all those tools will remarkably boost your SEO services. You’ll be able to provide unbeatable service to your clients,


  • finding hot niches
  • searching for expired domains
  • discovering thousands of profitable keywords
  • stealing competitor backlinks

Most importantly, you can do all these with custom reports. The platform lets you present your custom branding on SEO analytics and reports to your clients.

4 NinjaCat

NinjaCat offers a combination of SEO and PPC reporting tools. It offers a comprehensive aggregation of multiple other platform features, including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads data, and Bing traffic. The combination of all these tools in one place delivers convenience and efficiency to any SEO agency. The PPC reports are quite fascinating.

Having a combination of multiple ads tracked on the platform means you can get reports of comparisons on how ads for your clients are performing. The analysis goes as deep as evaluating performance comparisons based on region, impressions, and number of clicks. You can conveniently keep track of your clients’ ads.

The platform is super valuable if you have many clients. You can ensure your clients’ ads are performing as expected and the budget doesn’t go overboard. And it makes things easier with automatic deployments.

You can conveniently schedule reports to go out to your clients at specific intervals. This way, you can focus on the tasks that require your special attention instead of mundane tasks and helps avoid any instance that you forget to update your clients. All that is done with your own custom labeling.

The white label SEO platform lets you use your brand color scheme, logo, email, and other customization aspects. Your clients won’t see any affiliation with NinjaCat.

5. Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider offers comprehensive in-depth SEO audits. The tool also offers to create your branded PDF report based on crawling results, which is matters for SEO agencies or professionals SEOs who care for its clients. When you use Netpeak Spider to perform SEO audit or various data to your clients or colleagues, they won’t see any signals that you’ve been working with Netpeak Spider. Only your brand or personality will be shown (logo, company’s name, contact details, and so on). It’s a really huge advantage while entertaining potential clients at the SEO services pre-sales stage.

Some of the SEO data you can get from Netpeak Spider include:

  • General situation of technical website optimization;
  • How many pages are indexed in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.);
  • Content optimization;
  • Analysis of incoming and outgoing links.

Most importantly, you can prepare custom reports, which means you can select and manage what type of data you’d like to perform for your clients.

6- Lucky Digitals

Lucky Digitals provides a wide range of SEO services beyond analytics.

Besides the SEO analytics of website performance, the platform provides white hat link building strategies, ranging from guest blogging to manual outreach. The SEO services offered include local SEO, which is sure to benefit local businesses.

The white label program lets your SEO agency benefit from and take credit for those services, which you’ll offer to your clients.

Basically, Lucky Digitals does the heavy lifting for you.

They have invested in systems and human resources to handle a wide variety of responsibilities, including local SEO, multilingual SEO for ranking non-English sites, broken link building, guest blogging, and infographics services.

The company also leverages on its private blog network (PBN).

All these services are useful in lead generation, online reputation management, and getting traffic to your client’s websites.

Using the white label platform, you’ll offer such services to clients with your customized brand. This will drastically reduce your cost of doing business since all the work would be done for you by Lucky Digitals, while you take all the credit.

The Best White Label SEO Dashboards

Considering that all the top white label SEO platforms offer excellent features, perhaps one aspect that can highlight the best is the white label SEO dashboard.

So, let’s find out which one has the best white label SEO dashboard.

NinjaCat’s White Label SEO Dashboard

One key aspect concerning NinjaCat’s dashboard is it helps to solve the problem of reporting. If you’re a large SEO agency, serving multiple clients, creating reports of all the SEO and marketing efforts could take ages. You might have to track various tools on varied platforms. But NinjaCatlets you do it on one platform, with just a few clicks, for all your clients.

It’s easy to access the reports, and it works with Google Drive. And the dashboard isn’t boring.

The dashboard provides automated presentations that are easy to understand and look professional. Besides, you can pull out either extensive multi-page reports or a simple executive summary. Plus, you can create dashboards for your clients.

Having dashboards for your clients will let them see exactly what work you’re doing for them in real time. This will give them a high level of confidence in your service. Most of all, they’ll see your custom branding on the dashboard.

The dashboard features multiple useful tools.

For instance, there’s a budget pacing and alert tool. This helps you stay in budget with your clients’ advertising campaigns. Going over budget is sure to sour your working relationship with clients. You’ll get preemptive alerts to notify you of potential budget overruns.

Another feature is the call tracking tool.

This tool works across any channel, both online and offline. You get detailed reports of calls, based on the source, the campaign, and even the keywords. It’s so good you can download the actual call recording. If you have a call tracking provider, you can integrate it with NinjaCat too.

BrightLocal’s White Label SEO Dashboard

In its pursuit of providing the best local SEO, BrightLocal provides a location dashboard summary.

This is a valuable feature on its dashboard that provides an easy to understand visual reporting of your key location search KPIs (key performance indicators), all in one page. It lets you customize the layout so that you can place important aspects at the top. You can also remove anything you don’t want to appear on the

Besides the customizable layout, you can download a white-labeled summary PDF. Some of the features included in the Location Dashboard

Summary page include:

  • links and website authority – critical aspects of backlink campaigns
  • Google rankings – to keep track of the SEO performance
  • reviews and ratings – vital for reputation management
  • citations – great for local SEO
  • Google My Business – a necessary aspect for local businesses
  • Google Analytics – to show the internal performance of the website
  • Facebook and Twitter – key platforms in social media campaigns

The location dashboard will undoubtedly prove to your clients that you genuinely have location SEO at your fingertips.

Besides, BrightLocalrecently added a new notes module.

The notes module helps you further customize the reports you deliver to clients, as well as direct your team on what to do. When you add your expert opinions in the notes, it makes the statistical reports even more valuable to your clients.

When working in a team, the notes will undoubtedly help in communication. The dashboard allows you to direct specific notes only to your company staff, hidden to clients.

SERPed’s White Label SEO Dashboard

SERPed’s white label SEO dashboard packs a ton of features in an organized dashboard. Some of the tools you’ll find include:

  • Keyword research: This being at the core of SEO campaigns, helps you identify keywords based on competitiveness while seeing how you rank for such keywords.
  • Domain research: A vital tool in researching competitors, as well as identifying the SEO tactics used by other sites. It gives you insights on social metrics, backlinks data, domain age…
  • Site manager: This is where you’ll keep tabs on the projects you’re running for your clients. Here, you’ll keep track of the performance of your SEO efforts, based on real data.
  • Domain finding: A vital feature to help identify expired domains that can boost your SEO efforts. It will even show you the prices of available domains.
  • Client acquisition: Besides supervising SEO campaigns for existing clients, this feature helps you identify and get more clients. It enables you to figure out if prospective clients are the right fit for your business and get you their contacts.

Considering that it can be a nightmare organizing so many tools into one platform, SERPed does a splendid job of producing a user-friendly dashboard.

You can quickly locate everything you need a with a few clicks. The simple interface delivers powerful features that can skyrocket your SEO agency business.

SE Ranking’s White Label SEO Dashboard

Just like its name suggests, SE Ranking’s white label dashboard is choke full of features focused on SERP ranking.

The dashboard features competitor research tools. It lets you track and uncover keywords your competitors are ranking for.

You can set up a marketing plan checklist to give your clients an overview of your marketing efforts. Your clients would have access to the dashboard, which you set up on your site’s subdomain.

Having access to the dashboard means clients won’t need regular reports. This should reduce the workload of compiling and sending regular reports.

Your social media management campaigns also feature on the dashboard. It helps you complement your SEO by building the all-important social signals.


Although Lucky Digitals may not have a White Label SEO Dashboard, it does offer a bunch of white label SEO services that other white label SEO platforms don’t have. Essentially, Lucky Digitals offers more than just tracking and reporting.

The white label SEO service actually helps you build your clients’ site ranking and brand reputation online. They use a range of white hat SEO techniques, including guest posting, on-page SEO, and manual outreach, among others.

Besides, they have a team which does all that, not just an automated tool.

That means you have a team of SEO professionals working for you, but you’re only paying a monthly fee and not worrying about the logistics behind it all. All you do is cater to your clients and send them regular reports of the progress.

With Lucky Digitals, you can start your digital marketing agency today, and outsource the SEO, social media, and web designing services under your brand.