Frequently Asked Questions

Question’s – About SEO Foot prints.

Its due to SEO Foot prints. type your email there, and see The results

  • WHOIS Service
  • Network Tools by

Google is Targeting Low Quality Sites. Low quality PBN’s are Dead. Google can Deindex them any time. The solution is Quality sites with No foof prints

  • Quality Content Sites with Quality Content, Unique Design & Unique Layout.
  • Media Rich Content Like Slideshare presentations, PDF download links, Infographics, Podcasts e.g.
  • With Relevant Images, Videos and Outbound Link to Relevant Authority Pages.
  • And have Important pages like about us, contact us, Privacy Policy with No broken Links.

Due to Quality sites, we get emails from Web sites Brokers. Please check this email & we often get emails for Banner space.

Question’s – About method’s.

Broken link building (sometimes called dead link building) is a technique that involves pointing out a link on another website that is no longer working and also asking for a link to your website. Terry Kyle called them Broken Link Boss or Site Resurrection SEO.


  • Broken Link Building Guide: From Noob to Novice – Moz
  • Broken Link Building: The Ninja Guide
  • Link Building Tools and Services | Citation Labs

Broken link building is White Hat Link building Method.

If You are planning to use these sites as Standalone sites, Then u don’t need to hide any thing. On The other hand, if u are planning to Use these sites, TO Rank your Main site. Then You have to.

NON, The reason is, that we are just using [ Control C and Control V] Approach. At Broken Link method, the object is to make site better then before.

Yes of course. Please email me, i will send u the samples.


Question’s – Domain Related.

Expired domain Name $10

Page Rank 3 – Generally Cost $30 – $50
Domain Authority & page Authority Min 20
Trust Flow & Citation Flow from MajesticSEO Min 15

Page Rank 4 – Generally Cost $80 – $100
Domain Authority & page Authority Min 30
Trust Flow & Citation Flow from MajesticSEO Min 20

Page Rank 5 – Generally Cost $150 – $250
Domain Authority & page Authority Min 40
Trust Flow & Citation Flow from MajesticSEO Min 30

TF 10 is included with package
if u pick 20 tf domain name.. it will cost us more, and we will charge for domain name

Its Due to Quality. Five PR 5 domain will be better then 10 PR2 domain name. We give this option to our Client. Our client can Pick any domain name. No Restriction from us. In fact transplant and Client Involvement is the main feature of our service.

We will replace domain names, if they are not indexed

YES Of course. You can buy domain name from any provider. We are not domain name Broker. Some good suggestions

YES Of course. Please check PBN Doctor

– PR Powershot (mainly for GoDaddy domains) ( Paid)
– ( Paid)
– ( Paid)
– registercompass
– domainspoon

Domain Market Place
– Warrior forum
– Digitals Point
– Name pros
– Flippa/buy-domainnames
– Bhw & trafficplanet


We Create Blogs In these Niches.

    Foods & Culinary
    Outdoor Recreation
    Advertising & Classifieds
    Personal Product & Services
    Buisness Related Inc Home Business
    Health Care & Medical
    Pets & Animals
    Cars, Auto Care & Services
    Health, Fitness, Sports & Athletics
    Prescription Drugs & Medications
    Computer Related Inc Hard & Software
    Home, Garden, Products & Services
    Real Estate & Property Related
    Education & Training
    Hotels, Resorts & Travel
    Industrial & Commercial
    Safety & Security
    Information, Books, Publications & Communication
    Shopping, Art, Hobbies etc
    Legal Related
    Music & Audio
    Web Related Inc Hosting, Marketing etc
    Finance Related
    Online Dating
    Weddings Inc Photography

YES Of course, WE can. Please tell us about Your Niche. We will find Good domain name in your niche, and do the Rest.

YES Of course, We can Build PBN for any Industry, Like interior design, Medical, health, accounting, gambling etc. Send us the details.

Yes ofcourse. we are already working ON Germany, Swedish Network.

A In Short, nothing. We undertake numerous checks and tests before we purchase any domain as we have detailed within the thread above but we offer no guarantee that PR is forever.

– Cost of Domain name
– Cost of Hosting
– Authority Blog Network SET UP Cost

Please Fell Free to ask me any thing.

Question’s – PBN Set-up

Tell us about Your Niche. We will take care of every thing.

It will take 3 to 4 weeks.

Yes we can build private blog networks in any niche you want.

YES Of course, WE can. Please tell us about Your Niche. We will find Good domain name in your niche, and do the Rest.

Yes of-course. we are already working ON Germany, Swedish Network.

If we are unable to deliver your network in time, then we will do 100% refund.

Give a Look to Frequently Asked Questions Section or Contact us.

Question’s – PBN Maintenance

One of Major Private Blog Network Footprints is Post Pattern.

For example:

1. Limited Word Count Range – 90% of PBN blogs are using the standard 300- or 500-word articles. Like : 500 words … 495 words ….. 510 words

2. Same Posting Dates & Times For All Posts

3. Post By Same Author
 Same Name for Every Author
 No Authenticity or Originality
 No Linked Social Profiles

The Solution is “enable guest posting”
 Content Posted by Different Author
 Posting On Different Dates & Times
– Different Word Count Range
 Unique Content

In the Past services like Unique article wizard, article ranks or buld my rank are doing the same. All of them were Busted by google.

How this option is safe?

UAW, Build my rank or AR or services like them were Plugin based. Any one can post content and same content on each Blog ( may be 100’s of blog)

We are not offering such service.

We are Just accepting the ‘Guest Posts’ and encouraging  the other bloggers to create “contributor account” or “author account” and post on your blog on regular basis.

Nothing Automated.

Our team will advertise on Facebook groups and encourage Bloggers to post on your Blogs. Bloggers will check Your Blog Metric and they will post content in your site. Our team will check Word Count, check Grammarly & Plagiarism and then accept that content.

In other words, All Content is manually Approved. Its a Win win deal for every one.

-> Guest poster will get Niche relevant Back links.
-> You will get high quality content.

Yes of course. With regular Link building SEO metrics Like DR-UR will definitely Improve.

Your blog will get real unique visitors.

Yes Of course. In fact you should.

 You have an authority site
 Site has lot of content
 Your Blog should  have many author accounts and contributor accounts.
 Your Blog is getting content on Regular basis. so what left 🙂

After some time You can ask the guest poster to pay for post ( But it takes times)
You can Monetize Your site and once your site become an authority site you can sell at Market place like flippa or Empire Flippers.

There are endless options.

Link Building On PBN is paramount Important. The reason is that all Links are not permanent. If you never build any links On PBN then it will gradually become weaker and weaker. Steadily Link building is very Important. On going Link building with Increase PR, PA/ DA, TF/ CF and makes PBN very strong. On the other hand using spamming software’s leave so many foot prints that it ends up in deindexed a PBN.

We do Steadily Link building. Please check our PBN Maintenance Service.

Question’s – Make money with PBN

You can set a very profitable business With PBN. Some very common methods to make money with PBN’s are.

  • Rank You Money Site
  • You can sell as authority site at Flippa
  • Rent Home page back link

Question’s – Other’s

It will take 3 to 4 weeks. But we will keep U update. for example, we will show u the domain names, then site designing. ( u can ask us to make any changes any time). and when every thing is okay, then we will finally hand over u the network.

If we are unable to deliver your network in time, then we will do 100% refund. We are serving at WF since 2011. Our track records is of timely delivery. NO exception. So, there is no reason to belive that we will not able to do the job in time. And don;t worry about quality of work. You can check our reviews.

We require the below information to transfer the(se) domain(s) to you.

With your hosting account(s), please enable Who Is protection.

Having multiple domains registered to one owner, all pointing to a.n.other site(s) that you own, leaves an obvious visible footprint thus risking the possibility of having your site(s) subject to manual penalties.

This list is not meant to be an intrusive insight into your personal details, simply a list of the data we have historically required to undertake the transfer process. The more comprehensive the data provided, the faster and more efficiently the transfer process will be, thus reducing the impact on everyone’s time

Your email address registered with host provider :
Hosting account number :
Your customer number (if different from above) :
Your customer name for account :
Your first name :
Your last name :
Address you have registered with host for billing :
cPanel details :

We will require this data for each hosting account that we need to transfer a domain to.
If you have more than one domain to be transferred, please present the above data IN FULL for each hosting account. This is for ease of data entry to assist in making human error as minimal as possible.

Once the transfer process has taken place we will notify you.

Still Have Any Doubts Or Have Any Questions?

if you have any doubts or questions, or you are looking for some thing else, do contact us.