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SOP are based of Aherfs Blog:

[A] Improving The Existing Content

This may Increase Your Blog Traffic Very Quickly Without Creating New Content

Step 1

Login To Google Search Console


Analysis Search Queries & Performance of Each Page


Analysis Clicks, Impressions, Average CTR, And Average Positions


Make the List of Under performance Pages.


Fill The Below Mentioned Form & Get The Bonus

Optimizing Title and Description

  • Find a PRIMARY keyword to target
  • Find LONG-TAIL variations of your primary keyword
  • Draft your BASIC title tag and Description.

Expand your content

  • Identify New Keywords and Add More content
  • Expand your content: Consider adding more detail to your existing articles. According to our study, longreads of 3000+ words get 3x more traffic, 4x more shares, and 3.5x more backlinks than articles of average length.
  • Rewrite your content: If you have blog posts that are underperforming, try to rewrite them with new examples, tips, and practical details.
  • Refresh your content: Sometimes, you don’t need to completely rewrite your article; you can simply add some relevant information (for example, new stats and trends or new product details).

UX ( User Interface)

  • More images
  • Better chunking of the material (technically, part of the user experience)
  • More personal interpretations of the material, right now it’s just my highlights

Structure your content

A clear and logical structure with relevant H2 and H3 tags can help users and bots better interpret your content, and thus boost your traffic. Besides, well-structured how-to articles are more likely to rank for Featured Snippets.

Update your CTAs

You might have some outdated banners on your blog or other web pages. Replace them with relevant offers to reactivate your content marketing funnel and improve your conversion rates.

Add videos

Incorporating video increases traffic to websites, according to 87% of video marketers surveyed by Wyzowl. What’s more is that 81% also said their users spend more time on web pages containing video content.

Add images

It can make your content more engaging and attract more traffic to your website from Google Images. By integrating videos and images on a web page, you increase the chances of appearing in SERP features.

Optimize internal linking

Add links pointing to new articles in blog posts with related topics. This can help to improve your website organization, and decrease your bounce rate.

[B] Delete (404) all the under-performing content

Low Quality Content or Thin Content Can Decrease Search Engine Crawl Rate, Indexation Rate And could affect the rankings.

Low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s rankings, and thus removing low quality pages, merging or improving the content of individual shallow pages into more useful pages, or moving low quality pages to a different domain could eventually help the rankings of your higher-quality content.

Google Wants Quality Content. What if, instead of creating new content for clients, we focused on improving their old content so it got to the first page of Google?

Content Audit Process

Manually Analyze the performance of all content on your site.

Identify Under-Performing Content

Identify Thin Content

Identifying Duplicate Content

And Then Take The Decision Accordingly

Delete 404 Or Under-performing Content

Identifying duplicate content and Redirect to similar content (301)

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